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The Objective

To build an online e-learning platform where students and trainers can communicate and collaborate seamlessly, while coordinators can easily administer and track progress. With the shift from traditional to online learning methods, Parker Brent (a Registered Training Organisation) needed a platform that would be both engaging for students and simple for trainers to manage their classes.

Parker Brent responded to the need for an efficient way to manage their student registrations, classes, assessments and various administrative aspects. Their existing process was disarranged, tedious and error-prone.

By developing an e-learning platform, Parker Brent were able to reduce administrative costs significantly to spend more time and money on growth and their course offerings.

The Platform

Plycode built the e-learning platform with two sides to it: administration and student learning. On both ends, instructors and students can send messages between each other.

Administration Area

The administration area was created to allow instructors and other staff management to create and manage courses, classes, trainers, students and assignments.

Student Area

In the student area, students can log in and download learning material, view assignment outlines, watch video tutorials, upload completed assignments and see assignment results.


We’ve selected some of the best front-end and back-end technologies for Parker Brent.

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