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The Concept

Homesky is an easy-to-use, all in one job management software made for Australian Builders. It is built for them to easily manage their projects and for teams to collaborate and complete jobs quicker. Tracking company expenses becomes easy, as is data that helps determine which jobs are making money and those that are not, after all the goal is to help builders run a profitable business.

The small and medium sector of the domestic building and construction industry is responsible for the bulk of home constructions and renovations in Australia. Most times, these are single builders that put up anywhere between 10 – 20 properties a year. Some do less and others a bit more. They all share the passion for building and despite being the persons in charge of the building site, they are often involved in the construction process. Invariably this leaves them with limited time and means to manage the various other functions in a building process i.e. ordering materials, managing schedules and resources, estimating build costs and required revisions and of course, cost management. No wonder, many builders with small and medium sized operations end up with cost blowouts, time overruns and frustrated customers.


We’ve selected some of the finest technologies for Homesky.



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