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The Concept

Bluflow came to Plycode to develop a cloud based digital signage platform that would allow customers to easily create, schedule and run campaigns on their digital screens.

The Objective

To build a cloud based digital signage platform that is easy to use and manage from anywhere in the world. The Bluflow players, which would be the devices that download and display the campaigns, would need to be available across multiple platforms and easy to set up.

The Product

Campaign Editor

The Campaign Editor features the ability to create many slides, with each slide broken up into various layout styles. Within each layout, custom content and media can be added. The custom content includes adding text, images, videos, RSS feeds, websites and YouTube/Vimeo integration.

Device Manager

Bluflow was designed to easily manage Bluflow Player devices. Devices can be added to groups for quick deployment of campaigns.

Media Library

The Media Library allows uploading of audio, video and image files for inserting into campaigns. All media is stored securely on our cloud storage servers.

Bluflow Players

Plycode developed multiple Bluflow Players to allow campaigns to run on a number of different devices, such as Android, ChromeOS and Windows.


We’ve selected some of the finest front-end and back-end technologies for Bluflow.

Great company to work with, fully understood the requirements of our business and custom built a solution that satisfied our customer base and met the needs of the market. Would highly recommend

Michael Shadbolt

Business Development Manager, Bluflow



Level 1, Suite 3&4, 10A Atherton Road, Oakleigh, VIC, 3166

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