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ANZA KAZI is a start-up that helps youth that have completed their tertiary studies to prepare for work. The model is built on an online match between mentors and mentees and the project starts off in Kenya as its pilot location. The web platform provides for a rich array of tools to facilitate the mentoring engagement. ANZA KAZI is the only site of its kind in the world.

Getting a job is a challenge at the best of times. This is more so for graduates, most of who have not had work experience. In today’s market, one has to be fully prepared to even get a chance for an interview. Yet far too many graduates approach the job seeking process without much preparation and often in the most of basic of things. Mentoring offers the best chance to transfer insights and hopefully foresights to the mentees and help address the problem. The opportunity to scale the service is greatly enabled with the online capabilities of the mentoring program.


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